HooHacks 2021 Schedule

Once you get accepted to the hackathon, we will send you an invitation to our Discord. Please also like our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/hoohacks) and join our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/hoohacks2021). All pertinent information regarding our events (games, workshops and sponsorship fair) will be announced on the Discord. Events will take place on Zoom and will be available on Facebook. Major events, like the Opening Ceremony, will be live-streamed on Facebook.

SUBMISSION: The deadline to register your team on DevPost (indicate your names, team name, and track / category you are submitting to) is at 12:30 PM Eastern (afternoon) on Sunday March 28th! You must upload a video in your submission.

SPONSORSHIP FAIR: Sponsors will be available for one-on-one chats during the entirety of the fair, but the time indicated on the schedule is when they will be speaking to all hackers.

All times below are Eastern Time.

HooHacks 2021 Schedule

Times are subject to change.
Main event

Saturday, March 27th

Time (EDT)
9:00 AM
Last Chance to Register
Make sure to register on our registration system (https://hackx.hoohacks.io)!
11:00 AM
Opening Ceremony
Come find out more about how to get the most out of HooHacks and to listen to our awesome keynote speaker! It'll be live-streamed on Facebook.
12:00 PM
Hacking Begins
All coding must be started after this point. Projects found to have time stamps before this point will be automatically disqualified.
12:00 PM
Three Powerful Google Cloud Products for Your Project by GCP
Mike Lee will be speaking, he has experience working in Google Kirkland on the GCP Compute Control Plane Platform since February 2019. He  would love to chat about CS, technology, or anything else!
12:00 PM
Raffle Begins
Enter  into our raffle by submitting data for our data science hackers! Or come up with your own survey to gather data from hackers for your hack!
12:00 PM
Puzzle Tournament Begins
Sign up with a team to solve our boggling puzzles as fast as you can! No technical experience necessary
12:00 PM
HooHacks Game Channel Opens
Game with other hackers! Open throughout duration of hackathon and judging period!
12:00 PM
Team Building Workshop
Find a team/idea at our team building session!
12:00 PM
Idea Generation Channels Open
Half the battle of a great hack is having an original, actionable idea. We have experts from each track to help you refine your ideas and submit the best hack!
12:30 PM
EchoAR Workshop Video Released
Learn how to use EchoAR to spin up a VR/AR app in 15 minutes! EchoAR access is included in the resource packet sent out to confirmed hackers.
12:30 PM
How to Submit Video Playlist Released
A must watch! Step by step instructions on how to smoothly submit your hack to HooHacks.
1:00 PM
Trivia - Kahoot!
Are you smarter than a 5th grader?
1:00 PM
Docker Workshop by Leidos
Learn how to use Docker and deploy your projects using containers.
2:00 PM
Sponsorship Fair Begins
Come meet our wonderful sponsors and learn more about career opportunities for you at the sponsorship fair!
3:00 PM
Capture the Flag by US Air Force
Join us for a capture-the-flag-style US Airforce Cybersecurity Challenge! Don't worry about needing experience, as it'll be fun whether you’re a pro hacker or have never written a line of code in your life.
3:30 PM
How to Use Git Workshop
Learn how to use a version control software like git to submit your project and for other collaborative projects in your career.
3:30 PM
Beginners Workshop
Looking to get your feet wet in coding? Come listen to our own members tell you about how to use different technologies to tackle real world problems.
4:00 PM
Infrastructure as Code by Leidos and HashiCorp
Learn more about how coded infrastructure plays a role in almost every industry with Leidos and HashiCorp.
4:00 PM
Music Technology
Learn how to make music and interactive sound art using technology. Taught by members of the HooHacks team
5:00 PM
Bob Ross MS Paint
Create an artistic masterpiece alongside fellow hackers by following a Bob Ross video, then post your creations at the end!
5:00 PM
Building a Web App in Python
Learn how to use the web framework, Django, behind Spotify, YouTube, DropBox, and Instagram. Taught by members of the HooHacks team.
5:00 PM
Learn to use React and Node.js to Build Web Apps
Learn how to use React (used by Facebook, Uber, and Airbnb) and Node.js to build out your application. Taught by members of the HooHacks team.
6:00 PM
Spam Classification Demo by UVA's ML Club
Build a Spam Classification Web App using machine learning with UVA's own Machine Learning Club!
6:00 PM
The Ins and Outs of Databases
Get a crash course on how to use both SQL and No-SQL databases to your advantage. Taught by members of the HooHacks team.
7:00 PM
Agar.io Tournament
Think you can be the biggest and baddest bacterium? Come find out.
7:00 PM
Speed Run a Web App
Time is of the essence. Learn how to spin up an intricate web app in minimal time with Elixir. Taught by members of the HooHacks team.
8:00 PM
Chess Tournament
Hoos the next chess champ?
8:00 PM
Deploying an Application on the Cloud
Make your website publicly available for the least amount of money. Taught by members of HooHacks.
8:00 PM
From Project to Product by Contrary Capital
Do you want to take your hackathon project to the next level? What’s your market? How do you monetize? Come talk with Contrary to learn more!
9:00 PM
Fitness Dance Class
Get a move on with a fitness dance instructor we invited!
10:00 PM
Typeracer Tournament
To the fastest goes the spoils.

Sunday, March 28th

9:00 AM
Sunrise Yoga
Destress on Sunday morning with some sunrise yoga! Taught by members of HooHacks.
10:00 AM
Pokemon Showdown
Want to be the very best, like no one ever was?
12:00 PM
Hacking Ends - Hard Deadline on Coding
All coding must be completed at this point. Any projects found to have changes after this time will be automatically disqualified.
12:30 PM
Hard Deadline on Devpost Submissions
Devpost Submissions must be completely filled out at this point.
12:30 PM
Judging Begins
Judging will be completely virtual.

Monday, March 29th

7:00 PM
Puzzle Tournament Ends
All submissions must be in by this time.
8:00 PM
Judging Ends
Judging will be completely virtual.
8:30 PM
Closing Ceremony
Come find out who won the raffle, puzzle tournament, sponsor prizes, and track prizes!