HooHacks 2022 Schedule

Once you get accepted to the hackathon, we will send you an invitation to our Discord. Please also like our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/hoohacks) and join our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/661168645160535). All pertinent information regarding our events (games, workshops and sponsorship fair) will be announced on the Discord. Events will take place on Zoom and will be available on Facebook. Major events, like the Opening Ceremony, will be live-streamed on Facebook.

SUBMISSION: The deadline to register your team on DevPost (indicate your names, team name, and track / category you are submitting to) is at 12:00 PM Eastern (afternoon) on Sunday March 27th! You must upload a video in your submission.

SPONSORSHIP FAIR: Sponsors will be available for one-on-one chats during the entirety of the fair, but the time indicated on the schedule is when they will be speaking to all hackers.

All times below are Eastern Time.

HooHacks 2022 Schedule

Times are subject to change.
Main event

Saturday, March 26th

Time (EDT)
8:30 AM
Check in
Make sure to bring your ticket!
8:30 AM
Breakfast - Darden Courtyard
Join us for some delicious breakfast!
10:30 AM
Opening Ceremony - Rice Hall 130
Paul Burnette - Director of Leidos’ Software Accelerator
Dean Jennifer West - Dean of Engineering at UVA
Maria Dunning - MLH
12:00 PM
Hacking Begins
All coding must be started after this point. Projects found to have time stamps before this point will be automatically disqualified.
12:00 PM
Team Building Workshop - Rice Hall 130
Find a team/idea at our team building session!
12:30 PM
Beginner Workshop - Rice Hall 130
If you're new to CS and Hackathons, come to this workshop and we'll fill you in on everything to get started!
12:30 PM
Idea Generation - SustainableIT - Rice Hall 340
Need a good project idea? Come here to get a prize winning idea!
1:00 PM
Lunch - Domino's Pizza - Rice Hall Basement
Take some time to relax and to eat some pizza!
2:00 PM
Interview Tips by Fatima - Virtual
2:00 PM
Resume Building by CECD - Rice Hall 340
Learn about resume best practices and tips from UVA's career counselors. Zoom: https://virginia.zoom.us/j/97164339672?pwd=dlRXWlJxRUtuNUR0VzNyMlVUeHpDZz09
2:00 PM
Intro to Django + Git - Rice Hall 032
Learn more about git and Django, the web framework behind Spotify, Youtube, DropBox, and more. Taught by members of the Hoohacks team. Zoom: https://virginia.zoom.us/j/91541419241?pwd=ZUYrMVRvaFY5YUlxRXV5bmlFdlhDZz09
3:00 PM
Sponsorship Fair Begins - Rice Hall 442
Hackers can drop into sponsor booths to learn more about the company. Come chat with Leidos, Costar, Capital One, Koalfi, Wayfair, and Google Cloud Platform and more!
4:00 PM
Panel - Girls Who Code - Rice Hall 130
Girls Who Intern: Internship Panel with Girls Who Code
4:00 PM
Google Student Development - Rice Hall 011
Learn to bend CSS to your will to design beautiful, elegant web applications in this interactive code along!
4:00 PM
CS and Real Estate by Real Estate Club - Rice Hall 340
Interested in Real Estate? Find out how CS and Real Estate intersect in this workshop by the Real Estate Club
5:00 PM
Docker and Kubernetes by Leidos - Virtual
Learning the basics and usage of docker and kuberentes
5:00 PM
Svelt Workshop - Rice Hall 340
Learn more about the web framework Svelte from members of the Hoohacks team.
5:00 PM
MSPaint Bob Ross by MLH - Virtual
Relax and Paint with MLH!
6:00 PM
Sunset Yoga by UYoga - Davis Commons
Destress on Saturday evening with some sunset yoga! Taught by members of HooHacks.
6:00 PM
How to Beatbox by Ektaalacapella - Rice Hall 011
Learn the basics of beatboxing and learn a skill that's sure to impress anybody.
6:00 PM
React Workshop - Rice 130
Learn how to use React (used by Facebook, Uber, and Airbnb) to build your own application. Taught by members of the HooHacks team.
7:00 PM
Dinner - Take it Away - Rice Hall Basement
Enjoy some great sandwiches and take a break from hacking!
8:00 PM
Salsa Dancing by UVA Salsa Club - Davis Commons
Learn how to use the web framework, Django, behind Spotify, YouTube, DropBox, and Instagram. Taught by members of the HooHacks team.
8:00 PM
Super Smash Bros Tournament - Rice Hall 032
Square off in battles and bring your best, not for the faint of heart
9:00 PM
Typeracer - Virtual
To the fastest goes the spoils.
10:00 PM
Chess Tournament - Rice Hall 340
Hoos the next chess champ?
11:00 PM
Pokemon Showdown Tournament - Rice Hall 340
Catch 'em all
12:00 AM
Midnight Snack - Rice Hall Basement
Up late? Need some food to refuel before getting back to hacking? Now's your time.

Sunday, March 27th

8:30 AM
Breakfast - Bodo's Bagels - Rice Hall Basement
Start your morning with the best bagels in Charlottesville.
12:00 PM
Hacking Ends - Hard Deadline
At this point, you should stop making edits to your code on github. Use the rest of your time to make your video presentations.
1:00 PM
Lunch - Potbelly - Rice Hall Basement
Celebrate your hard work and amazing projects with some great food!
1:00 PM
Devpost Submissions Due - Hard Deadline
Now that you're done with your project and your presentation, upload it to Devpost!
1:00 PM
Judging Begins
Judging will be completely virtual.
2:00 PM
Project Demos
Show off your projects to other participants and see what cool projects everyone else made!
Note: this does not factor into judging.
8:00 PM
Judging Ends
Judging will be completely virtual.

Monday, March 29th

12:00 PM
Closing Ceremony Released
Come find out who won the raffle, puzzle tournament, sponsor prizes, and track prizes!