Celebrating 10 Years of HooHacks
March 25-26 @ UVA


HooHacks is a team of UVA students who run HooHacks, Virginia's biggest hackathon and one of the 50 biggest collegiate hackathons in the US. HooHacks also plans Ideathon, a tech entrepeneurship networking event. Our goal is to make learning and using software development in UVA and other colleges more accessible and fun!


Hosting In-Person:

$10,000 IN PRIZES


No coding experience? No problem. We have industry experts and experienced students hosting workshops and tech talks perfect for beginners and advanced students interested in exploring different topics.


We have mentors readily available for one-on-one help with your project and tons of resources. Grab some friends or meet new people and build something cool!

Have fun

HooHacks has free food, exciting speakers, free swag from company sponsors, and tons of fun activities. Meet some new people and enjoy a Smash Bros. tournament, midnight yoga, and great food!


How much will it cost?

There is absolutely no cost for attending UVA's hackathon! We'll provide the resources for you to participate comfortably.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a 24-hour tech event for teams of students to learn new skills, build cool tech projects, and meet tons of other students and tech professionals. There's food, awesome workshops, and super cool swag. Best of all — it's completely free! 

What is the MLH Code of Conduct?

At our event, we expect all hackers to be respectful of each other and follow the rules laid out by MLH. Read more here.

Who can attend?

All current undergraduate, graduate, and high school students at least 18 years of age may attend HooHacks. No coding experience is necessary! Non-STEM majors, first-time hackers, and beginner coders are welcomed and encouraged to join us!

Do I need a team?

If you are planning to compete for a prize, you may be in a team of 1-4 people. If you don't have one yet, no worries! We will have a team formation workshop before hacking begins.

When does registration close?

February 25! Make sure to sign up!

Have more questions?

Feel free to contact us at team@hoohacks.io or message us on Facebook if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback!


We will be sending buses to multiple locations to bring attendees to HooHacks and return them home. We also will be offering limited travel reimbursements to our attendees.

Read details here!


Meet the Team


Jade Heilemann
Amrit Gorle


Rachita Pathipati
Sylvie Cao (Not Pictured)

Internal Communications

Gloria Sun
Irene Si
Andrew Cornfeld (Not Pictured)


Smera Nanda
Varun Reddy
Dylan Herbig
Yuvraj Sreepathi
William Mueller (not pictured)
Param Patel (not pictured)


Meiling Fan
Sid Tickle
TJ Vitchutripop
Shaina Banduri
Nishita Cheekatamarla
Sadhika Dhanasekar

External Communications

Oscar Daum
Mustafa Lonandwala
Liam O'Casey
Shruthi Kalathur
Srilakshmi Medarametla
Eric Nuyen

Hacker Experience

Manasi Srigiriraju
Ankisha Singh

Executive Team

Jade Heilemann   
Amrit Gorle
Manasi Srigiriraju
Ankisha Singh
TJ Vitchutripop
Gloria Sun
Sid Tickle
Dylan Herbig   
Liam O'Casey
Oscar Daum 
Sylvie Cao (not pictured)
William Mueller (not pictured)

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Major League Hacking 2023 Hackathon Season