Prize Tracks

For each of the prize tracks, there will be a two prizes (one first place and one second place). You may only apply to one of these prize tracks.

Hackers can also apply to the hardware category and other sponsor challenges in addition to one of these categories.

At HooHacks, we will have workshops available to all hackers to get ideas from the UVA community and industry experts.

Accessibility and Empowerment

Help improve the lives of the disabled, those in poverty, and members of marginalized or minority groups!

  • What changes should be made to improve the system of reporting discrimination and harassment in professional environments?
  • How can we use wearable technology IT to support people with degenerative cognitive disabilities like dementia?
  • Develop a solution to target food distribution issues on a global scale or in your own community.

Art and Gaming

Exactly that. One cannot define art. Speak to people. Change minds. The possibilities are endless – surprise us!

  • Build your own AR game.
  •  Construct an app that helps its users make new music.
  • How can you help people find local art exhibits and events? 


Build a creative solution to a problem you see within finance!

  • Use banking APIs to develop one application that allows tracking of finances between multiple banks. 
  • Build an intuitive and useful application that helps low-income people keep track of their finances. 


Technology has changed but schools haven’t. Build something to modernize education and solve the problems education faces today.

  • Build an application that helps others learn more efficiently.
  • How can students better plan out their schedules and homework?
  • An application that teachers can use in the classroom to help their students learn specific topics. 


Take steps to make your community more healthy, or help improve the health industry as a whole!

  • In what ways can we incentivize an active lifestyle despite a sedentary career?
  • How can we encourage healthy eating habits?
  • How can we inform people about where to find health-related resources?


Materially improve your local neighborhood’s environment, or educate your peers, before we all die!

  • How can we materially improve sustainability within our local institutions and communities, even marginally, by introducing clean energy?
  • What minor lifestyle changes can we promote that can massively reduce our carbon footprint collectively?
  • In what ways can we increase awareness and encourage the use of existing eco-friendly options that many people don’t know about (such as plastic alternatives or products made by green companies)?
  • How can you make technology more sustainable (i.e. use less power)?

Data Science

Model and predict complex patterns in the real world! Choose your own adventure...

  • Dive into opioid prescription data to uncover hidden stories about the opioid epidemic. 
  • Make sense of Wikipedia’s webs of information with beautiful visualizations. 
  • Apply machine learning techniques to model and predict natural disasters. 

See you at HooHacks!

Major League Hacking 2020 Hackathon Season