Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning in Industry by Capital One
Neural Networks by Fannie Mae

Deep Learning with Microsoft API by Machine Learning Club at UVA

Microsoft's Custom Vision API is a great way to easily train and deploy a custom deep learning API. During the workshop, the Machine Learning Club at the University of Virginia will walk through creating, training, and testing a custom model on the platform. We will also discuss how to use the API in custom applications.

Hackathon Basics

Intro to Hacking by HooHacks
Github Basics by Leidos
How to Demo by HooHacks


Flutter Mobile App Development by Capital One

Come learn about Flutter, an open source SDK by Google for creating high-performance, high-fidelity mobile apps for iOS and Android. A Capital One engineer will provide an overview of Flutter, a quick intro to the Dart programming language, and a deep-dive into building a sample Flutter app! Please follow the installation instructions before attending:


Beginner Web Development by HooHacks

Learn the basics of HTML & CSS, and learn how to quickly design responsive websites with Bootstrap!

Building a Web App and Deploying it to the Cloud by Microsoft

The goal of this workshop is to help you build a simple web app and deploy it to the cloud, so you can focus on building an epic app during the hackathon! You will learn how to build a simple Node.js application in Visual Studio Code in just 10 minutes. We will teach you how to use tab completion, the integrated terminal, and debugging to make you more productive. In addition, you’ll deploy your app to Azure, so that it is live and ready to go.

Cloud Computing

Google Cloud Platform by Google
Amazon Web Services - Beginner Backend by Northrop Grumman


Ansible Automation (with IoT) by RedHat
Intro to Virtual Reality by VR Club


Fair’s Fair: Leidos Fair Division Algorithms
Venture Capitalism 101 by Contrary Capital
Hyperintelligence Platform by MicroStrategy